Companies and visitors come every year to our stand in great numbers and it has been worth our while attending WODAC.  “WODAC is the CRUFTS of South Africa”.  Michael Patricio – Pro-Pet

We all have the power to change lives – indeed you have done so.  Words seem inadequate in expressing our immense gratitude to you both for your generous sposorhip of our Wodac 2018 stand and the amazing opportunities that this year’s show has afforded us at AACL Jhb (Animal Anti Cruelty League).  We would like to congratulate you and your team on a brilliant show, which not only offered extensive media coverage to promote the event but was professionally run as well.  Well done!.   It is through the ongoing kindness and compassion of our supporters like yourselves that we are able to continue our support of hundreds of indigent families and their animals through our hospital, kennels, outreach and education programs.   Please know that your investment empowers us as a welfare organisation and enable us to continue with our primary objective of promoting kindness and preventing cruelty to animals.

On behalf of the Brainy Birds team, humans and birds, I would like to say thank you for another very successful WODAC.   This year WODAC was a wonderful opportunity for us to educate people on the proper care of their feathered kids and at the same time, create awareness of what we do and why we do it.   We have no doubt that as a direct result of being able to attend the exhibition, we have improved the lives of a lot of companion birds out there.  Again, thank you, Brainy Birds is looking forward to seeing you again next year.

For a first time WODAC participant, we must say thank you very much for all the help and a super weekend.  The Maneli team thoroughly enjoyed it and we will be back next year.     Till WODAC 2019, keep well.

On behalf of myself and everyone at Mix 93.8 FM we would like to thank you for yet another fantastic event, Wodac 2018.   It was ‘awesome’ to be a part of the event this year we want to thank you for the loyal support.   Our presenters are still talking about it on our internal whatsapp group so I am sure everyone had loads of fun.  Thank you so much.

I would like to take this opportunity just to thank you all for a splendid experience on the Saturday – Wodac visitor

Thank you very much for creating the WODAC expo – FORA (Friends of Rescue Animals).   More important is the exposure we get and to tell people who we are and what we do.   Thank you and hope to be there next year.

Would just like to thank you for a wonerful show, as always! – Bedz4Pawz

It was a pleasure being part of your event.   Many many thanks!     Please think about bringing this event to Cape Town – Litter Kwitter

Thanks for a great show and excellent organisation, from the porters, lady cleaners and carpark attendants, everyone did their bit! – Yorkie Porium

On behalf of TOP dogs  (therapy dogs) I’d like to thank you for inviting us to be a part of WODAC this year.   We were able to spread the word about the wonderful work we do, and we got a lot of people interested in joining us as volunteers.  We look forward to evaluating their dogs, and them joining our teams.  With your help we hope to spread a lot more smiles for miles!!

Thank you for the priviledge of being part of your awesome show.  We are looking forward to 2019! – Carin Smit

With deep appreciation and a huge THANK YOU, to all involved in the preparations and managing of the WODAC EXPO, for your part in the positive change so desperately needed in animal welfare today.    We are forever grateful for being included in the ongoing Wodac Expos and appreciate every effort of everyone who was involved to make this a memorable and successful weekend – Woodrock Animal Rescue

Thank you so much for a great weekend.   We really enjoyed the weekend and would like to put our name down for the same stand again next year – Intervet (Merck)

Thanks to both of you, it was actually the best expo ever.  May God continue guiding you – Mweete Lumina

Thank you and the WODAC team for inviting the EARTH  Centre to partipcate.  The feedback from the team was very positive and we thank you for the opportunity to create and promote awareness with regard to what we do and, most importantly, the special children that we assist – The EARTH Centre (Equine Assisted Riding Therapy and Hope inspired by SARDA Gauteng (SA Riding for the Disabled)

Thanks Brian & Sharon.  Awesome show ….once again! – Gourmet Fudge

This is such an incredible and affordable way to exhibit my beautiful dogs at the biggest and best Pet Expo in SA! Every year we are able to draw a lot of interest to our stand and through this event, we educate the public about our magnificent antique rare breed.   The Expo is very well organised every year.   This is the best opportunity for responsible breeders to promote their breeds and at the same time teaches hundreds of people about responsible pet ownership!   Well done to a superb team!  What a joy to work with you for so many years!  Looking forward to the next WODAC – Linda Janse van Rensburg – Picasso Neapolitan Mastiffs

The WODAC experience in South Arica has grown each and every year, being part of this amazing family of pets and bonding the animal lovers of all kinds ,has made our experience and the enjoyment of promoting responsible reptile and exotic pet ownership even that much more fun and exciting for us, reaching out and education has been the core business model.   United Reptiles and its affiliates is honoured to be part of such a great family as WODAC.    Denis Quick – Founder – United Reptiles

Having been involed with WODAC since its inception, I have dealt for 19 years with people who care about their pets.   They needed help, made the decision to visit the Exhibition and received the necessary education that they required, giving them the opportunity to change the lives of their pers for he better.   When putting the show together the Management Team considers every aspect from the large advertising campaign down to the smallest details.    The Event continues to grow in stature and professionalism and I am sure that year “20” will once again give the Public an experience to remember.     Beth Babbin –  Wetnose Canine Training

2016 Hello dear friends – many, many thanks for your magnificent hospitality.  It was truly a well organised show.  My best wishes for your show next year – surely it will be a successful affair again!  Ma. Rocio A. de Vega (Phillipines) – International All Breeds Dog Judge – 2016