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Canine Agility challenge

At this year’s Canine Agility challenge expect to see incredible dogs and their skilled trainers performing at the top of their game. This phenomenal show is proudly sponsored by BAYOPET.

This sport is great fun to take part in, but does require a fit dog and handler. The sport is open to all breeds of dogs and crossbreeds and dogs of any size can participate in the various sized categories. It focuses on the handler’s ability to control and direct their dog accurately over a series of obstacles as quickly as possible. Competitions are run against the clock and points are deducted for failing to complete the course in the set time as well as for failing to complete the course accurately. Agility has become a very popular sport not only in South Africa but Internationally. The sport was introduced into South Africa in May 1998.

Visitors can enjoy the show at Hall 5 in the main arena on:

  • Friday – 14h15
  • Saturday – 16h30
  • Sunday – 09h00

Make sure you don’t miss this amazing show!

Book your tickets online today at Web tickets (click here)

We would like to invite you, your friends and family to discover the Magic of Animals at THE 2019 World of Dogs, Cats and Pet Exhibition (WODAC). The expo will take place at Gallagher Convention Centre from 19-21 July 2019.

This year’s expo promises to be the best to date! With an impressive list of shows, outstanding exhibitors offering amazing specials, as well as all the PAWsomeness you have come to love from the show!

Regrettably, NO Visitor Pets will be allowed into the venue due to safety and liability concerns – thank you for your understanding.

For more information:

dogscats@iafrica.com | (031) 765-4286

It would be PAWsome to connect and hear from you @WODACPetExpo